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Online workshop by: The Arbinger Institute Singapore/Malaysia


Improving mission performance, command climate and retention of employees require transformation of the organizational culture. Such transition also includes the adoption of new systems, policies, processes, reporting relationships and organizational structures. However, as beneficial as these improvements can be, they do not explicitly address the fundamental factors that will facilitate the true growth of the leaders of an organization and the transformation of the culture of an organization.

Furthermore, these measures will produce more of the opposition if imposed and not invited. This reluctance is the key reason why proposals for reform struggle to achieve the desired outcomes.

In this workshop, participants learn the difference between an Inward Mindset (a myopic emphasis on personal goals) and an Outward Mindset
(taking into account their effect on others) and begin to see the extent to which they have acted and led from an inward mindset. This discovery awakens in participants a willingness to pursue an Outward Mindset strategy in their work with an awareness of the negative consequences of an Inward Mindset.

In key areas such as leadership growth, team effectiveness, customer satisfaction, change management , teamwork, and dispute resolution, companies that make this fundamental shift undergo meaningful and lasting changes.

Inward Mindset:

People focus on themselves, their objectives and measure themselves by what they accomplish.

Outward Mindset:

People work to help others be successful – customers, peers, managers and subordinates. They measure their success by what others are able to accomplish as a result of their efforts.

Event Host

Senthiyl SSG

Director, Arbinger Institute (Singapore/Malaysia)

Pang Zijun, Lynn

Head Consulting, Arbinger Institute (Singapore/Malaysia)

Course Objectives

Arbinger’s Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset workshop equips participants with a set of self-awareness tools, mindset change tools, accountability tools and collaboration tools that enable participants to:

Workshop Format

This session is an interactive, two-day course.

Key concepts are taught through discussions led by an Arbinger-certified facilitator. The course is punctuated by videos, individual and group exercises, one on-one sharing, and application of the tools to on-the job situations facing the participants. Both of Arbinger’s International Bestselling books — Leadership and Self- Deception and The Outward Mindset– are also included with material packets.

Included Materials

Materials for participants include the Two-Day Handbook, Sustainment Video Guide, and Arbinger’s bestselling books: Leadership and Self-Deception and The Outward Mindset.

Also includes downloadable accountability and collaboration tool templates

Workshop Flow

Day 1 Agenda


Day 2 Agenda


Note: This program can be spilt into two separate one day programs – Developing an Outward Mindset and Implementing an Outward Mindset. The Day 1 program is weighted more heavily on learning the concepts. The Day 2 program is weighted more heavily on immediate and practical application.

Workshop Feedback




Director, Arbinger Institute (Singapore/Malaysia)

Senthiyl S S G, MBA, Director (Consulting) for Arbinger Singapore/Malaysia, leads his team in delivering Arbinger’s technologies, intellectual properties and programs with the concerted objective of leading and supporting organisations, families and voluntary organisations in their transformation efforts. Since Feb 2004, Senthiyl has worked with several MNCs, and participants of diverse backgrounds across multiple industries including health care, oil and gas, education, banking & finance, military, NGOs/NPOs and governmental agencies in 18 countries.

Senthiyl had earned a training award from the Singapore Armed Forces, graduating with a Bachelor in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore in 1989. He served as an Artillery officer before pursuing his passion in the area of change management in 1996. He completed his Masters in Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management in 2001. He held the rank of MAJ (NS).

Senthiyl today is a highly respected and sought-after Arbinger consultant, whose work has impacted many individuals and organisations across the region. He finds his “true calling and joy” in working with private and public sector organisations, as well as individuals, to implement the principles and ideas of Arbinger across South East Asia.

Some of the client organizations he has supported include: Shell, F5 Networks, Microsoft, T-Systems, Plus Malaysia Bhd, Mediacorp (Singapore), Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Malaysia), Sunway Berhad (Malaysia), Singhealth (Singapore), Nhgp (Singapore), Amman Mineral (Indonesia), Sampoerna Kayoe (Indonesia), MPTC (Philippines), Red Ribbon Bake Shop (Philippines), Singapore Armed Forces, Ministry Of Education (Singapore), Petronas (Malaysia), Bursa Malaysia, Proton (Malaysia), See Hoy Chan (Malaysia), Wingtai Holdings Asia, Opulent Group (Singapore), Institute Of Mental Health (Singapore), Reliance Foundation (India), UEM Sunrise (Malaysia), Singapore Refining Company among others.


Head Consulting, Arbinger Institute (Singapore/Malaysia)

Zijun graduated with a first class Bachelor in Economics from Northwest University of Politics and Law in China and gained her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (focusing on counselling) from the University of Nottingham (UK) with merit.

She is a certified Arbinger Facilitator. Before joining Arbinger, Zijun was a school lead counselor who led a team of counselors. She implemented initiatives to meet the needs of her team as well as the students and was active in establishing school-community partnerships that supported student development and educational outcomes. Her adopted counselling model which embedded time management, life and people skills has been proven helpful. It has helped team members be effective in their counselling roles and supported students in their development of academic, personal/social/emotional, and career skills.

After joining Arbinger, Zijun has supported clients in the region including T-Systems Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Malaysia), Microsoft, Genesys, SHELL, PLUS Malaysia Bhd, Red Ribbon Bake Shop Chain (Philippines), Amman Mineral (Indonesia), Morning Star Community Services (Singapore), Dentons (China) Xian office, Ouroboros Overseas Study Counselling Studio (China), Affin Hwang Asset Management in strengthening their team culture and in measuring their impact on clients, culture and performance.

As a Millennial who has worked extensively across multiple organizations facilitating change management, Zijun provides refreshing and honest insights into the challenges organizations face in managing millennials, and how millennials are shaping the future of work and leadership. Zijun also inspires genuine conversations and relationships across the generational spectrum with Arbinger’s mindset frameworks, delivering solutions that drive results. Currently, her main responsibility is supporting the facilitation of outward mindset workshops with a heavy emphasis on supporting leaders/individuals and teams through the post-workshop implementation for sustainable transformation.

Arbinger Logo

Arbinger enables organizations and individuals to resolve their deepest and most difficult people problems—problems that have persisted despite all efforts to resolve them.

Combining the results of four decades of groundbreaking scholarly work on the phenomenon known as selfdeception, Arbinger has built a simple yet profoundly effective framework for improving the influence of every leader and individual, whether at home or in the work place.

Arbinger’s work is being used with resounding success in the areas of Leadership Development, Change Management, Conflict Transformation and Creating High Performing Teams that propel organizations to higher plateaus of business excellence. Our clients range from individuals seeking help in their lives to many of the largest companies and governmental institutions in the world. To support these groups, we offer public courses, consulting and coaching services, and tailored organizational interventions (including train-the-trainer options).

Headquartered in the United States, Arbinger has its operations located all over the world. Arbinger’s offices in Singapore and Malaysia support clients and organizations in South East Asia.

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