3rd ITSec Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Grace Aglubat, Vice President of IT and Data Protection Officer, PHINMA Group

The 3rd IT Security Asia event begins in a few months and we could not be more excited to share with you the trailblazing speakers gracing us with their knowledge and expertise on the 20th of April. To give you a glimpse of what you can expect, we are spotlighting some of the most highly anticipated speakers to showcase the incredible talent and top-tier businesses that will be sharing their insights with us.

The first edition of our “Speaker Spotlight Interviews” was with Grace Aglubat.  She is currently the Vice President of IT for PHINMA Group.  She has proven her track record of success due to her hands-on technology and operations leadership across several industries and country assignments in IBM, implementing best-in-class enterprise systems, optimized business processes, and information technology for sustainable competitive advantage.

In 2019, she moved to PHINMA, one of the leading local groups of companies in the Philippines. She successfully led the Information Technology Department as PHINMA transitioned into remote working arrangements at the onset of the implementation of community quarantines. In addition to being a certified ISO 27001 Information Security Lead Auditor, Grace earned her MBA degree from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in 2020.

Using vivid examples, Grace reveals how identity thieves work, why understanding data privacy policy is more important than ever, particularly as concerns and anxiety around online security are on the rise. Whether you are a cybersecurity aficionado or not, you can learn a thing or two from her!

Why do you think participating in this event is important for all organizations?

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, it is very important to see and hear what others have done to keep their organization secure. From the implementation of new technologies to cybersecurity training for the employees working remotely.  Adapting to the right technology for your business is vitally important during these unprecedented times.

As an IT Leader and Cybersecurity advocate, how do you keep up with the tremendous changes in Cyber Technology?

I have a mentor in different areas. I have a mentor on data protection, information security, emerging technologies, and the like.  I also read a lot of updates from time to time. You will gain an advantage in every field if your knowledge in technology is up-to-date. Basically, that’s how I keep myself updated, especially if you’re in IT —  technology is always in a state of change since new developments are continually emerging. Zoom is just zoom but there are a lot of other video conferencing options at your disposal, and there’s bound to be one that suits your needs.  In this case, it is critical for businesses to maintain their app and introduce new features that will increase user engagement.

Data Privacy is a relevant issue in our society today, as a security expert what is your best advice to strengthen Data Privacy Awareness?

There are many ways in being aware of cybersecurity and data privacy. For example, contact tracing apps and forms have been developed and deployed by the government and private establishments to gain control over the spread of the COVID-19 virus. There has been a subject of reports over mishandling and misuse of contact-tracing data.

As an individual, if you’re not sure about something that’s being asked (i.e registration from contact tracing or websites ), don’t divulge your information so quickly. Protect your information.  Phishing scams and schemes are becoming more creative every day.

In addition to my examples would be the privacy policy. It’s something that is very important but is ignored by most people. Actually, almost 92% of users simply hop on to Google Play Store or App store, search for an app, and install it without even reviewing the details. This is what puts your data at risk. The privacy policy tells you what kind of data is collected, how it is used, whether it is shared with other third-party services, and more. My advice to everyone is to look at the section related to data privacy (most important of all) because that section tells you exactly how your data will be used and what information will be collected. Always be vigilant. Protect and value your information because privacy matters.

What is your stand with the current IT policies and laws in our country?

The data privacy laws that we have already covered the protection of personal data concerning an individual. However, most Filipinos still lack awareness in terms of internet security. I think that’s one thing that I would want the NPC to do — to increase their efforts in data privacy and protection awareness, which in effect will educate and empower individuals, making them less vulnerable to data privacy abuses.

Don’t miss Grace Aglubat’s breakout session, entitled, ‘Data Privacy: Managing Complex Compliance of Data Sovereignty’ at the 3rd IT Security Asia 2022 to be held at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Make sure you secure your spot today!

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