A Culture of Recognition: Building a Safe Workplace

” If you look after your staff, they will look after you ” -Richard Branson

The company prioritizes arranging an event to celebrate employees’ hard work and excellence in performing effectively and creating a quality event.

Employees of rockbird media had their quarterly town hall meeting in their new office in conjunction with the Halloween Party. It comprises exciting activities, the introduction of exceptional rookies, the acknowledgment of top sales, and the recognition of regular employees.

Rockbird media was once known for its solicitude and compassion toward its employees. The Managing Director always initiates activities, outings, and activities to recognize and honor staff for their efforts. Until recently, this company ethic has been a practice, and employees relish feeling valued and heard.

Making a safe workplace for employees was one of the most effective strategies for retaining staff that has never been cliched. It’s a terrific idea that rockbird media values its employees inside and outside work.

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