Albertha Sekundarti: Taking the steps to lead the way in the evolving landscape of HR in the hospitality sector

Albertha Sekundarti, Country HR Director at The Ascott Limited in Indonesia, brings over two decades of invaluable experience across various functions and industries. In this insightful interview, she provides a glimpse into the evolving landscape of HR in Indonesia and outlines the steps her team is taking to lead the way.

According to Albertha, the future of HR in Indonesia will be marked by a seamless integration of technology across talent acquisition, management, and employee engagement, all rooted in data analytics. She emphasizes that HR professionals will increasingly play strategic roles, harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making. To stay ahead of this curve, Albertha underscores the significance of continuous learning and embracing technological advancements.

In a diverse nation like Indonesia, particularly in the hospitality sector, inclusivity and diversity are paramount. Albertha sheds light on how her HR team fosters an inclusive environment. They implement policies ensuring equal opportunities and provide diversity training. Notably, The Ascott Limited is deeply committed to a service culture that extends beyond the workplace. Albertha proudly shares their initiative to train and support street children, ultimately offering them a meaningful path to employment. This holistic approach to recruitment embraces talent from all walks of life, proving that success is not solely defined by traditional academic achievements. Furthermore, Albertha reveals that Indonesia is also open to the inclusion of people with disabilities (PWDs) in their workforce. While the intention is there, she emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive ecosystem for these individuals to thrive in their roles. Effective communication and understanding are key to this process. Albertha acknowledges that this initiative requires meticulous preparation and planning, but it is an integral part of their commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Addressing HR leaders navigating the new world of work, Albertha imparts invaluable advice. She stresses the importance of flexibility and agility in managing employees and workflows effectively. Albertha emphasizes the role of HR leaders as game changers, highlighting the integration of automation and artificial intelligence in streamlining HR processes. By delegating repetitive tasks to machines, HR professionals can redirect their focus towards strategic planning and more engaging projects, ultimately enhancing workflow efficiency.

Discover further insights from Albertha Sekundarti at the upcoming HR Leaders Strategy Meeting. This coming 15th of November at The Westin Jakarta. 

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