B2B Events: Which Type is the Best for Your Business?
B2B Events: Which type is the best for your business?

Events remain as one of B2B marketing’s key strategies. 84% of leaders believe in its importance, and it’s all thanks to the opportunities that events bring: thought leadership, stronger branding, establishing relationships, and all the right stuff to get you closer to your audience and your goals.

From conferences and trade shows that can run for days, to exclusive meetings arranged between high-level executives, B2B events use different strategies and feature different benefits. Knowing which event your business needs is critical to maximizing your marketing efforts and ensures the best ROI for your enterprise.

1. Conferences

Conferences are the traditional, large-scale events that aim to attract a wide audience. This type of event includes summits, conventions, and more. Conferences usually feature a number of keynote speakers, vendor booths, and activities for the attendees. Preparation takes more than a year for an event this big, and usually takes place in convention centers and similar large spaces. For vendors, it’s their chance to offer demos and samples in their booth, as well as improve their exposure or feature a product through hosting a keynote session with an audience.

However, one downside for this event type is it doesn’t guarantee quality leads, especially for businesses that are very industry-specific and require high-level engagements.

2. Workshops

Workshops feature a more specific attendance and goal. It’s one of the best ways businesses can closely demonstrate to potential customers some of their products and services. They’re much simpler to prepare than a conference, and even if there are less people in attendance, you have an audience that’s more keen to learn about your expertise. 

3. Awards and competitions

Awards and competitions are events fitting for brands that want to establish their reputation as a leader in their industry. Prestigious by nature, awards tend to be more expensive to organize, but it’s the level of prestige that creates an image of success and authority in your industry for your brand. You can count on winners and participants to talk about the event on social media, giving the event more exposure. Competitions also attract a good deal of your target market as the audience often extends beyond those attending the event through streaming platforms.

4. Trade shows and expos

For trade shows, it’s all about the sponsors. Events like these feature the newest tech or latest innovations in the industry, and usually pull in considerably large audiences. Expos can be used interchangeably with trade shows, but the former tends to be more open towards the general public and the consumer while the latter is focused on B2B marketing.

However, similar to conferences, some trade shows attract too large of an audience. For B2B companies that would like to target decision-makers, trade shows and expos typically have a difficult time making these executives stay long or even attend in the first place. 

5. Executive meetings

Executive meetings are event marketing’s rising star, most notably in the B2B space. Participants of executive meetings are high-level executives and industry thought leaders, with event agendas designed to spark meaningful discussions. Sponsors are given the chance to speak directly to and form relationships with the decision-makers of an organization. 

Attendance to these meetings are highly exclusive and offered through invitations, guaranteeing a premium experience about the gathering, and a positive ROI for partners due to the weight of the participating leaders.

Whether you’re a startup eager to generate some buzz around your brand, or an international enterprise ready to establish your authority in the region, events are a key strategy in connecting to your customers and moving closer towards your targets.

Still not sure about which event is best for your business, or you just have very specific needs? Get in touch with Rockbird Media and find out how we can help you reach your goals through our bespoke events services and executive meeting partnerships.

Lance Librorania

BY Lance Librorania

Lance Librorania is a writer & researcher at Rockbird Media. You can visit his site or follow him on LinkedIn. More articles by Lance Librorania.

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