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Rockbird media is more than just an events company. We organize and produce industry-specific events that connect world leaders, experts, and decision-makers to disrupt the status quo and create new trends that will challenge them to innovate even further.

Whether you are a start-up or have a strong reputation in your industry, your satisfaction is our key to success.

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Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation Asia series started back in 2018 in the Philippines and Indonesia on its first launch year. Now on its 11th edition and reaching new markets, our Digital Transformation series has been the preferred meeting for organizations in SEA to help them navigate and strategize their transformation journey. This B2B meeting is a turnkey solution for service providers to reach new target audiences

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HR Leaders

Now on its 12th edition, our HR Leaders Strategy Meetings series was developed to gather CHRO’s and other leaders in this field to discuss candidly their main challenges and find tangible solutions from best practices and pitfalls. As one of our flagship meetings, it has become the must attend meeting for HR Leaders in and suppliers in SEA to grow their network.

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Our ITSEC Asia was launched in 2019 to address the pressing need for leaders in cybersecurity and technology experts to have an innovative meeting platform where they can discuss, following Chatham House Rule, on latest threats and trends. Our growing community of leaders in SEA has highly rated ITSEC ASIA as their favorite focused meeting yeast after year.

Retail & E-commerce Summit Asia Icon

Retail & E-commerce Summit Asia

Born purely virtual at the height of the Covid19 pandemic, The Retail & E-commerce Summit Asia ( RESA ) focused solely on e-commerce first while the brick-and-mortar shops were restricted or closed. As the economy starts to re-open, leading and emerging retailers can now have a meeting platform where they can catch up on the latest development post-pandemic era.

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