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rockbird media is more than just an event company. We produce industry-specific events that connect world leaders, experts, and decision-makers with updated trends and agile business solutions that will help their businesses grow.

Whether you are a start-up or a renowned industry, our goal is to help you succeed!

Let's Move Forward on Our Leading Bespoke Events

Events tailored to your specific business development needs; each designed with attention to detail. Our partners are guaranteed to get industry-leading ROI.

Unveiling Emerging Developments

Experience high-level strategic case study-based presentations in real-time with people who are recognized experts in their industries.

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 Target Brief

Updated Information of Attendees

Seasoned Professional

Brand Recognition

 Target Lead Generation

Dedicated Team

Appointment Setting

White Branding

Multi-Industry Insights From Unique People Cope

Why It Works?
Level Playing Field

We pledge to share our knowledge and experience in planning a variety of events with you.


We are vendor agnostic professionals that guarantees an effective use of targeted approach in acquiring attendees.

Matched Seniority

Everyone in the room has the opportunity to speak out and offer pertinent and helpful suggestions.

Chatham House Rules

The emphasis is on sharing interesting knowledge because there are no other people not on the invitation list, no photographer, and no other crew.

Keep the discourse on the topic in which you are an EXPERT!

Upcoming Events

Stay connected and be part of the conversations shaping the industry’s future.

Building Customer Loyalty in the Age of AI

This exclusive roundtable will gather top industry leaders and experts from the Philippines in the field of customer engagement and loyalty. The discussion will center on developing and scaling loyalty programs that yield ROI in the age of GenAI for brands, while also fostering trust and loyalty among end consumers. 

Convergence Collabera Digital CIO Summit: Creative Minds. Generative Algorithms.

Following the tremendous success of last year’s CONVERGENCE event, Collabera Digital announces the return of their CIO summit. This year’s theme, ‘Creative Minds. Generative 

Upcoming Events

Discover our range of interactive events, such as summits, business events, and bespoke. 

Navigating the Future of Customer Engagement in Banking, Fintech & Finance Industry

In the fast-paced world of marketing technology, the ability to deliver valuable insights through customer engagement has become a paramount goal for businesses. The session aims to explore the dynamic intersection of marketing, technology, and data analytics, with a focus on how organizations can harness the power of customer engagement to gain deep insights.


The past couple of years have changed the game for the global workforce—people’s expectations for what they want and need from their employers have evolved. According to an Oracle AI@Work study, 85 percent of the global workforce are not satisfied…


Amidst the challenges presented by COVID-19, businesses have wholeheartedly embraced digital transformation as a linchpin for fostering seamless collaboration and efficiency across internal teams, customers, and partners.

Successful Events for Past Years

Discover our range of interactive events, such as summits, business events, and bespoke.

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