Equip employees with in-demand skills to keep your business competitive

May 24, 2022

11:00 am - 12:00 pm SGT


The double disruption brought about by a global pandemic and the rapid adoption of new technologies has left organisations playing catch-up with the current times.

Many businesses today are on the journey to becoming data-first organisations. But they are finding that launching a high-quality data skills learning solution from scratch is difficult. It is difficult to match skills to people, to ensure quality, and to customise a program while implementing it quickly.

Remote and hybrid work environments make it even harder for leaders to manage employee performance, development, and engagement. 

A recent Boston Consulting Group survey of the world’s largest companies shows that only one in five (21%) companies are focused on upskilling frontline leaders to better manage, inspire and coach distributed teams.

Event Host

Fitrah Muhammad

Regional Director, Asia Coursera

Join us in this webinar as our panel of experts discuss:


Equip employees with in-demand skills to keep your business competitive

Fitrah Muhammad

Regional Director, Asia Coursera

Fitrah is the Regional Director for Asia in Coursera, where he leads a team that is committed to providing equal access to world-class education. Fitrah is a seasoned business and technology expert, with over two decades of experience in the technology sector, as well as in supporting professional services and advisory units. 

Prior to joining Coursera, Fitrah held several senior management positions in other global multinational technology firms including Workday, Oracle, SAP, Infor and IBM. He managed multinational teams across the region, and his teams were consistently recognized as top achievers for exceeding their quarterly business targets.

As a certified technologist and leadership consultant, Fitrah is passionate about helping clients embark on a journey towards transformative skill development. He is a champion for workforce diversity and a strong advocate for continuous learning that empowers and enables employees throughout their career.

Fitrah holds a Masters in Management from the University of Indonesia.

Fauzi Rachman

Chief Technology Officer, Creative Group at Dentsu (Singapore)

Fauzi is a results-driven, innovative, and determined executive with over 18 years of remarkable experience, driving and implementing effective technology strategies across diverse industries. He is a dynamic, resourceful, and extremely driven individual with a deep passion for creating and delivering programs, understanding complex business processes, identifying stakeholders needs and growing business by defining systems solutions, product planning and project management.

Fauzi has worked with Dentsu since 2007, beginning his path as Software Engineer. Taking the role as Chief Technology Officer in 2019, Fauzi looks to provide vision, direction and leadership in using technology to drive transformation.

Since 2014, Fauzi led and grew a dynamic, resourceful, and extremely driven team with a deep passion for creating and delivering impactful solutions, understanding complex business processes, identifying stakeholders and their business needs, and growing business by defining effective systems, and innovative product developments.

Fauzi holds a Master Degree in Cyber Security from the University of Liverpool.

Ruby Jaucian

Chief Human Resources Officer, Aboitiz Renewables (Philippines)

Ruby Jaucian is the Chief Human Resource Officer of Aboitiz Renewables, Inc., where she leads talent and organizational development to grow the renewable energy portfolio of Aboitiz Power. Her experience and leadership in HR include establishing people strategy, building the employer brand, improving employee engagement, leadership development and talent management. 

Ruby is part of HRD Asia Hot List 2022 – an index of HR leaders across industries who have shown excellence and commendable effort in leading their teams into breakthroughs. Under her leadership, her team was awarded as one of HR Asia’s Most Innovative Teams of 2021. Under her leadership, the Aboitiz Group was recognized in the 2021 LinkedIn Talent Awards as Winner of Best Employer Brand, Best Employer in Conglomerates category in 2021 Stevie Awards and was also part of 2021 Forbes List of Best Employers. 

As CHRO of Aboitiz Renewables, she is working towards successfully leading the talent agenda in order to achieve the organization’s growth aspirations.


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Event Date: May 24, 2022
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