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How IT Teams can play a strategic role in helping companies navigate economic downturns?


Economists and business leaders globally are predicting that a recession is nearing or that we’re already in one, and it is high time to contemplate how to swim through it. Yet, surprisingly it is only during uncertain times like an economic downturn that companies get curious about the recurring expenses and search through their expense management logs, looking to cut down costs.

Software is one of the organization’s biggest recurring expenses, which eventually gets unnoticed as the company grows. After SaaS has taken up the place of software, because of its ease of implementation and adoption, anyone in an organization can consume software with/without the purview of IT. This leads to redundant apps and unused and underused apps, gulping the company’s budget in the dark.

Modern IT Teams in fast-growing technology companies have been adopting a secret weapon called SaaS Management Platforms (SMP) to help their companies navigate the SaaS Chaos and reduce IT Spends, Automate IT operations and drive peak performance.

Join this session to learn
  • The state of SaaS in fast-growing technology companies
  • How IT Teams can help their companies transition from SaaS chaos to SaaS governance
  • Panel Discussion – Need for SaaS Management Strategy and why should IT Teams think about it now
  • Demo of Zluri’s SaaS Management Platform
Sethu Meenakshisundaram - Co-Founder, Zluri

Sethu Meenakshisundaram, Co-Founder, Zluri

Sethu is one of the co-founders of Zluri. He works with CFOs and CIOs across the globe to help them manage their IT stack and build a healthy bottom line. He believes SaaS and APIs will help everyone become a builder and softwari-zation of the world has just begun. He frequently writes on Software management and workplace automation. Before Zluri, he was part of the founding team at KNOLSKAPE and was its Chief Business Officer (APAC region), one of the leading corporate learning gamification startups that he helped scale across 30 countries.


Aditya Chintawar, Chief Product Officer, KoinWorks

Aditya is an entrepreneur at heart who loves building technology and value-based customer-centric products. He is currently responsible for driving the 40+ product & design team at KoinWorks. With Indonesia’s current financial literacy & growing digital economy in mind, he is passionate about building product experiences that will transform how Indonesia invests, transacts, and borrows money digitally. He leads with humility and empathy, coaching exceptional talent, and operates with a can-do attitude.

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