The Future of Digital Transformation in the BFSI Sector in the Philippines

November 23, 2023 | 10:00 am -2:00pm PHT | Holiday Inn & Suites Makati

The round table is designed to facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking among BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) professionals in the Philippines to explore how Kissflow can enhance operational efficiency and improve workflow automation in the industry.

The Future of Digital Transformation in the BFSI Sector in the Philippines Challenges and Opportunities for Workflow Automation in the BFSI Sector. Showcase of Kissflow SolutionsPresentation by Kissflow representative: “How Kissflow can empower BFSI organizations in the Philippines.”– Real-world use cases and success stories.
– Parallel workshops on specific BFSI use cases with Kissflow.
– Workshop 1: “Streamlining Loan Processing Workflows.”
– Workshop 2: “Enhancing Compliance and Risk Management.”
– Workshop 3: “Improving Customer Onboarding and KYC Processes.”
– Breakout sessions for participants to discuss challenges and opportunities in smaller groups.
– Representatives from breakout sessions provide summaries of their discussions.
– Recap of key takeaways.
-Closing Remarks
Rakesh Nandakumar
Sr Director SEA & Inside
Sales Kissflow

Rakesh heads sales in the SEA region at Kissflow, a leading low-code app development platform. As a skilled operations practitioner, Rakesh has extensive knowledge of operations, workplace technologies, and work management. He also actively contributes to various business and technology platforms. His deep domain expertise has helped him implement numerous initiatives that have increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Mark Zaplan
Country Sales Manager
Charist Montenegro
Senior Enterprise Account Executive
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Kissflow is a unified Low-Code No-Code Work platform that combines case, project, workflow, with the power of application development to deliver a unified experience for internal work management. It also offers a marketplace of pre-built enterprise-grade apps. For instance, the end-to-end procure-to-pay process can be managed with a Procurement App powered by Kissflow Work platform. Kissflow brings business and IT users closer together by enabling Citizen developers to build no-code apps, create and manage boards, or automate workflows with an easy-to-use and simple drag and drop functionality while giving the IT teams the power to manage, integrate and extend the platform. Whether it is automating processes, digitizing your operations, managing requests, or building custom aplications, with Kissflow you can do it all within a unified platform. Experience the Power of Simple to drive digital transformation that delivers process improvements, operational efficiencies, and enterprise-grade governance all while enabling cross-functional collaboration.
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