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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is an executive meeting? Who are qualified to attend?

    Rockbird Media’s premium executive meetings are one-day events that feature exclusive roundtable sessions led by the industry’s top leaders and experts, alongside pre-qualified one-to-one meetings with innovative solution-providers. Each event’s focus can range from industry-specific topics to the newest megatrends that result in the most powerful discussions among C-Level executives.

  • 2. What is a roundtable discussion? How does it help attendees and sponsors?

    Roundtable discussions are one-hour sessions among C-level participants in an exclusive and informal setting behind closed doors. These are led by esteemed thought leaders across different sectors. The number of participants in a single session is limited, and the roster is pre-arranged to optimize engagement among the attendees.

  • 3. How do you do the business matching for 1-1 meetings?

    Rockbird Media pre-qualifies 1-1 meetings between attendees and partner solution-providers. These sessions have gone through a screening process with our business intelligence to guarantee mutual interest between the two parties, and that the meetings return the most value out of their time and investment.

  • 4. How does the personalized agenda work?

    To help navigate the simultaneous roundtable sessions and one-to-one meetings, a personalized agenda is crafted for each attendee, drawn from their responses to our scheduling scheme. This also ensures each attendee would choose and join only the activities that deliver them the best results for their organization.

  • 5. How can Rockbird Media’s events help my organization?

    Rockbird Media offers premium business solutions for organizations across various industries. Through its events, sponsors are connected to their target market and attendees are exposed to new ways of benchmarking industry strategies. More than the premium experience, organizations are provided a great opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow industry experts.

  • 6. In which markets can Rockbird Media hold events for my organization?

    Rockbird Media is a trusted international event management firm that produces industry-specific events across different countries in Asia Pacific, USA, and Europe.

  • 7. Does Rockbird Media only cater to C-level executives?

    Yes, Rockbird Media exclusively caters to C-level executives to produce high-level discussions and decision-making sessions.

  • 8. How does Rockbird Media differ from other event providers?

    Rockbird Media is the only events firm that offers a holistic premium experience all over the world. Through the perfect mix of executive roundtable discussions, one-to-one meetings, keynote presentation combined with premium networking and panel discussions, Rockbird provides the most productive out-of-office activity for the C-level.

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