From Rug to Rich Story of one of the Popular Burger Chains in the Philippines

Philippines– According to the couple that owns the popular burger kiosk in the Philippines with thousands of outlets all over the country, the success behind their growing business is a leap of faith.

Starting as ordinary employees working in a bank and fast food chain, they eventually decided to resign from their job and take a leap of faith in the burger business world in 1997– which did not bring luck on their first try.

Hoping for a better future, the couple decided to enter the world of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). That is where their luck bloomed. They won 10,000 dollars or almost half a million Philippine pesos at that time.

Using the prize they got, they decided to spend it on reconstructing the previous burger business that they failed to maintain. They changed their way of compensating employees and they made sure to make the quality of their burger to become better.

Many doubt the sustainability of their business because of the buy 1 take 1 system they offer, but the owners believe that it is better to earn a little but consistently.

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