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PH pavements and roadways revisited in masterclass by global expert

Holleran has more than four decades of design and construction experience, spanning major road and airport projects in the USA, Australia, China, Russia, India, the Middle East, Europe and more.

Building the road of a developing country relies on modern technology and state-of-the-art practices; from design to construction and maintenance. For the Philippines, it’s a three-way balancing act between budget, time, and quality-over-age.

Infrastructure leaders and civil engineers alike attended Rockbird Media’s CPD-certified Pavement Design, Construction, and Rehabilitation of Roadways Masterclass, led by Glynn Holleran, Managing Director of Advanced Asphalt Technologies and a global expert on roadways and pavement design.

The two-day training was an extensive coverage on the pavement design and construction of municipal roadways.

For a developing country like the Philippines, the state of roads and highways is critical to both the daily business and long-term goals, mounting significant pressure on infrastructure leaders. “I’m on the management side but it gave me a wider perspective of our gaps: what are the things we’re not doing?” said Ronnie Traballo, Managing Director of Bomanite, one of the attendees. “It’s good that you have seminars that allow us to re-think and re-strategize.”

Holleran opened the sessions with a recap of the key principles of road engineering, and throughout Day One focused on pavements and surfacing. The debate between asphalt and concrete was revisited, before tackling the comparison between the quality of flexible against the stability of rigid in the matter of pavement surfaces. Flexible design methodologies were explored — and compared — in the session on empirical vs. mechanistic-empirical design methods.

Holleran has more than four decades of design and construction experience, spanning major road and airport projects in the USA, Australia, China, Russia, India, the Middle East, Europe and more.

A growing design niche, perpetual pavement methodology, was introduced to the participants. Hypothetically a “pavement that doesn’t wear out,” it can keep the quality of the road “at a high level, all of the time,” through routine treatments. It’s the ideal pavement but most project leaders are reluctant, according to Holleran, because of the high costs during the initial phase of construction. 

“That comes together with life-cycle costing, because generally, if you just look at the cost first it’s more expensive,” but in the long run, “pavement preservation can save very significant amounts of money,” he explained.

Day Two of the training was a deep dive into maintenance, rehabilitation, and pavement preservation. In his four decades of infrastructure experience, he had noticed how this part of the project often tends to get overlooked, and “not well-catered for, if they’re catered for at all.”

“But if you build something, you have to maintain it. And you need to maintain it economically,” he added. 

The very last session explored best practices when it came to pavement preservation. The average pavement sees a steep dip in quality of up to 40% as it approaches the third quarter of its lifespan, followed quickly by more deterioration, at which point only costly rehabilitation and reconstruction are the only ways to save it. Pavement preservation should be all about addressing the pavement before it has sustained serious damage.

It’s “the right treatment to the right road at the right time.” 

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