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How can PH gov’t and international experts help reconstruct road pavement designs

Road engineers have major considerations to keep in mind when starting their projects — whether it’s paving a small side street or building a country’s complex highway system. 

But among the most pressing concern is how they would get the best quality of materials in developing and building sustainable concrete roads with just a limited budget. 

Such an issue on sustainable concrete road development has been a consistent problem for countries in the APAC region, particularly in the islands of the Philippines and Indonesia.

For instance, in the Philippines, the current status of roadway construction is extremely affecting traffic and safety planners in the country. That is why the national government is now spending huge amounts of money on infrastructure where most of the budget is allocated to construction and reconstruction of roads, bridges,  and airports.

But despite such budget for road construction, it remains a question on why motorists still endure large potholes which often result in accidents and the traffic congestion for which Metro Manila’s streets have become world-renowned. 

The country is solving this pothole problem through the strict mandate of the  Department Order No.22 from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) that orders a minimum pavement thickness and width for national road construction. 

The actual benefit of road (re)construction projects

It may be a surprise for most Filipinos, but the nationwide road widening projects in the country is not just about making roadway holes — it aims to build sustainable and durable highways. 

All, if not most, of the reconstructed roads are strictly made of approximately 50 to 100-millimeter thick layers of asphalt. This means that the country, a former weak link in terms of infrastructure development, is taking the right path towards the construction of sustainable concrete roads. 

How did the Philippines reach the right way? The government through the DPWH developed and redesigned a new Pavement Design to improve standards for concrete roads.

It takes multiple years of planning and continuous adjustment to develop an adapted pavement design. So, to make sure that the country is on the right track in creating and/or reconstructing pavement designs, taking advice from experts in the industry would be beneficial. 

It is fortunate that there are experts in road construction and infrastructure who share their knowledge and solutions to their fellows in the industry through conferences, seminars, and trainings. 

The best example would be Glynn Holleran, an internationally recognized engineer and materials chemist, who actively participates in infrastructure events.

The current managing director of Advanced Asphalt Technologies, Ltd., is visiting Manila, Philippines on February 2020 for a two-day skills development training on Pavement Design, Construction, and Rehabilitation of Roadways. 

In partnership with CPD Certification Service, the exclusive pavement design and road construction training from global expert Glyn Holleran is organized by Rockbird Media, a premium international events management firm. 

Do not miss the opportunity to listen and interact with an international expert and gain state of the art, up-to-date knowledge on pavement methodologies and preservation for the Philippines.

Lance Librorania

BY Lance Librorania

Lance Librorania is a writer & researcher at Rockbird Media. You can visit his site or follow him on LinkedIn. More articles by Lance Librorania.

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