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Rockbird Media runs corporate and social events that drive our partners to connect, engage, and evolve.

Through deep research and a wide network of experts and professionals, Rockbird Media produces first-class international events that put the focus on trends and challenges that major business sectors are facing.

Our event programmes are designed with acute attention to detail, paving the way for our top-level attendees to facilitate powerful interaction, benchmark strategies, and unlock innovation.

Rockbird Media’s partners find value in our fluid communication and lead-generation strategies that adapt to their goals, ensuring first-rate ROI throughout the entire project cycle.

We’re here to give our partners and participants a rockstar experience.


We have assembled an exceptionally talented team - each member honed with years of experience - making them capable of rising to the challenges of a rapidly changing market. We tested our strengths across multiple industries and assimilate ourselves more with each event.

It is in those experiences that our combined workforce finds desire to innovate and bring them towards you.


Rockbird Media aims to provide top-rated services to our partners and be with them in every step and in achieving long-term goals.

Rockbird Media provides the content, website, and marketing strategy for the non-profit organization Tahanan Outreach Projects & Services, now on its 50th year of service.

HR Leaders Asia is Rockbird Media's platform for exclusive collaboration between top human resources professionals across business sectors and regions.

The event's roundtable sessions are designed to spur discussions on trends and best practices on workforce strategies, HR tech, human capital management, and more led by the industry's leaders and top executives.

Digital Transformation Asia is the stage for business leaders to empower their organization's change initiatives.

Powered by Rockbird Media, the event features roundtable sessions dedicated to navigating the disruptive business landscape and finding the middle ground between utilizing technological innovations and facilitating organizational growth.

IT Security by Rockbird Media is the gathering of leading experts and executives in cybersecurity across major industries and regions.

The event's roundtable sessions empower professionals to assess strategies and benchmark infrastructure side-by-side with the leaders in cybersecurity to drive security operations and revamp detection, response, and recovery.

HR Lifesciences is one of Rockbird Media's newest international projects, tailored towards the healthcare sector's unique talent and human capital needs in Europe and the US regions.

Throughout the one-day event, select HR leaders of pharmaceuticals and healthcare organizations are gathered in closed-door settings to exchange firsthand information on strategies around issues like talent acquisition and management, rewards & benefits, and culture & diversity.

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