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Policies are as important as technology when dealing with cybersecurity risks

Being in the middle of a pandemic leaves us with not much of a choice but to resort to alternatives that allow us to continue business operations. But just as companies are arriving at a point where having to work remotely, there also lies the cybersecurity issues that need to be dealt with by the IT deployed workforce.

At 11:00 AM on the 26th of March, 2020, gathered in a Virtual Roundtable Session hosted by Rockbird Media were IT and Cybersecurity experts, led by Francisco Castillo – a two time ASEAN CIO of the year awardee and has been SVP-CIO of Maynilad Water Services for nine years now. 

The discussion kicked off with several challenges mentioned such as data loss prevention, corporate data security and VPN connection. There was also a fair sharing on identifying critical aspects of the operations, application of solutions such as Mobile Device Monitoring tools and antivirus installations to get ahead of possible threats when employees performing critical roles access corporate data remotely. Arguments were also raised about risk tolerance as to the extent of data accessed by employees asked to work from home, adding enlightenment in either using BYOD or a corporate-issued device relies on how companies create policy and actually implement them to prevent data leakages or malware risks.

In seeking alternatives needed to undertake as companies strive to survive this difficult, unanticipated time, it was agreed that with the right policy and proper information dissemination to users problems in implementing monitoring systems can be prevented.

In the middle of the talk about policy, Francisco highlighted its importance as he shared, “You should not implement technology without a proper policy because policy should define how that technology is configured. And in the same way, you shouldn’t come up with a policy if you can’t actually implement it.”

As they say one thing leads to another and in this Virtual Roundtable Session on IT Security, while multiple solutions were introduced and deliberated, using these tools also introduces an array of security issues. With Rockbird Media’s belief in the essence of continuing valuable discourses, we extend our support to leaders across industries by organizing virtual meetings, in the comforts of your home.

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