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Why attending roundtable discussions enhances your life as a C-suite

Most C-level executives claim that one of the most challenging issues they face in their role is “loneliness.”

In fact, Harvard Business Review (HBR) commissioned a study which revealed that 50% of chief executive officers (CEOs) have reported feeling isolated, and in that group 61% feel that it hinders their job performance.

Given the overwhelming responsibility and pressure to maintain composure for employees, to consistently take the lead, and to make decisions for the company, it is no wonder that C-level executives have the tendency to isolate themselves from others.

However, to break through such isolation, the same report from HBR suggests C-level executives to  actively participate in “share” or “idea exchange” groups such as attending gatherings alongside fellow leaders.

Being around colleagues who deal with the same challenges as you do is an avenue to give and receive support emotionally, intellectually, and even uplift one’s morale. One example is an executive roundtable discussion. 

Forming connections with contemporaries in a roundtable format cultivates a certain level of togetherness and comfort that alleviate the feeling of loneliness and stress.

But more than helping solve this mental and social challenge, attending roundtable discussions brings their C-level life into a whole new level.

C-level executives discover new solutions

The best source for quality answers and solutions is someone who regularly deal with the same types of business problems and opportunities in their companies. Hence, in a roundtable format, executives get to exchange business success stories and give advice to other peers who might be experiencing the same dilemma they encounter.

C-level executives experience a discussion with no hierarchy

Roundtable discussions bring a different experience for C-level executives because everyone seated is just as important as anyone else inside the room. When there is no hierarchy, every person in the roundtable would feel comfortable and safe contributing to the collaborative discussion.

C-level executives build meaningful connections

Through in-depth roundtable discussions, C-suite participants get an exclusive networking opportunity with their fellow executives that allows them to build strategic ties and partnerships. Interestingly, some executives not just establish business connections, but also form meaningful friendships and reconnect with old companions.

All these three points can be enjoyed in a single roundtable discussion alone, but would it be possible for an executive to participate in more than a single session of this format — in a single day?

Fortunately for C-level executives, attending a series of roundtable discussion is now feasible. Rockbird Media, an international events management company, through their executive meetings offers C-level executives a chance to join a series of interactive roundtable discussion in one day.

Delivering premium experience to clients, sponsors, and delegates, Rockbird Media hosts exclusive and honest roundtable sessions that provide C-level executives an outlet to act as a sounding board to each other in a safe and nonhierarchical  environment. 

The simultaneous roundtable discussions are focused on a wide range of topics across multiple industries and countries where C-level executives resolve critical business problems, explore promising opportunities, and share business experiences in a meaningful collaboration. 

Rockbird Media enhances every C-suite’s life through the events and business solutions that matter to their executive role. Discover more of these executive meetings in APAC, US, and Europe by visiting www.rockbirdmedia.com.

Dasslin Corral

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