Exploring the Metaverse Frontier: The Revolution of the Future of E-commerce

In e-commerce, the term “metaverse” refers to a virtual universe that serves as a shared space for online commerce and social interaction. The metaverse concept is inspired by science fiction and envisions a future where virtual reality and physical reality converge– creating a seamless, interconnected world where people can shop, work, play, and socialize in […]


Based on research for Cyber Security Hub’s Mid-Year Market Report in 2022, 75% of cyber security professionals assume that phishing and social engineering are the most dangerous security threat to their organization. Having said that, companies must safeguard this delicate asset without sacrificing its effectiveness in communication. Businesses expose themselves, their clients, and their customers […]

Historical Record: E-commerce Retail Exceeded $1 trillion

The growth of digital commerce has accelerated and made a significant mark. According to data provided to Forbes by Comscore, internet commerce in the US alone reached $1.09 trillion in 2022– excluding the gross for travel categories. However, according to Forbes, the high-ranking categories that made the most revenue were groceries, clothing and accessories, computers, […]

Artificial Intelligence Technology to Replace HR Functions?

As the world continues to modernize, technology slowly replaces human labor. Many businesses and companies around the world are widely adopting core HR technology systems. Is it really possible that even the Human Resources job will be replaced in the near future? Artificial intelligence is the term used to describe technology that performs tasks that […]

A Massive Layoff of Several Companies this 2023 has now been Undertaken

Indeed, the trajectory of job losses across sectors over time is disconcerting. Several businesses are now undertaking massive layoffs of employees. Experts claimed that the pandemic is the primary culprit of this. In the peak of Covid-19, they must adopt the online paradigm and hire personnel because it quarantines the entire world. Normalcy returns, forcing […]

From Rug to Rich Story of one of the Popular Burger Chains in the Philippines

Philippines– According to the couple that owns the popular burger kiosk in the Philippines with thousands of outlets all over the country, the success behind their growing business is a leap of faith. Starting as ordinary employees working in a bank and fast food chain, they eventually decided to resign from their job and take […]